Meet the Family

Richard Jensen aka “Jax”

Richard is the father and leader of this family.  He grew up in the Rocky Mountains and learned early to love the adventure they have to offer.  He married his sweetheart Julie in 2001.  Jax earned a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Utah.   He was a very successful Realtor until 2006 when he and Julie decided that he ought to join the Army where he served from 2006 until 2009 when he was medically discharged.

After leaving the Army, Richard led his family on a new adventure by moving them to northern Arkansas.  They lived there until 2014 when they lost their entire home to a fire.  They relocated to southern Missouri until another house fire in 2016 left them homeless again.

Richard is a lifelong Mormon.  He served a full-time LDS mission to Mendoza, Argentina, was married to Julie in an LDS temple, and continues to attend and serve in his church.


Julie Jensen aka “Jewels”

Julie is the strength of this family.  She also grew up in the Rocky Mountains and learned to love everything had have to offer.  She earned her Associate degree the summer after finishing High School in 1998, and completed her B. S. degree from Southern Utah University in the fall of 2000.

She married Jax in 2001 inside the LDS Mt. Timpanogas Temple in Utah.  In 2002 she gave birth to her first of eight children.  She has consistently been the glue holding the family together while Jax was off playing soldier, enduring 2 house fires, and expertly raising 8 children while dealing with an injured spouse.  She is a true one-of-a-kind.

Julie is also a lifelong Mormon.  She has held several leadership positions with the LDS “Mormon” church.  She is always finding ways to serve and help others.

The Kids

Caitlin Jensen was born in 2002 and is the first of 8 Jensen children.  She is funny and bright.   If you can find her without a book in hand you’ve seen a rare sight.  She is a gifted musician, kind friend, and loving sister.

Joshua Jensen was born in 2004 and is the first of the Jensen boys.   Joshua is as into sports as any young man anywhere.  He is athletically talented and will take every possible opportunity to play.  He is sometimes too smart for his own good.

Kristie Jensen was born in 2006.  She is the quiet one in the family.  She is loving and kind and is often the one who will step up to do the unwanted work that needs to be done.  Kristie might be the slowest eater on the planet.

Charlee Jensen is the 3rd girl of the family.  She is very bright and talented.  Charlee was reading chapter books by the time she was allowed into Kindergarten.  She loves to play outside with her siblings and cousins.

Nikki Jensen is the baby girl in the family.  She is beautiful and bright.  She loves to learn, explore, and play.  Tenderhearted, she and can often be found helping her younger brothers.

Andrew is the 2nd son, and since birth has been lovingly smothered by Joshua who was excited to have another boy in the family.  He is growing strong and capable and is just as athletically talented as his big brother.

Steven Jensen and Jaxon are the youngest of the family and are a great pair of young boys.  Eager to learn, play, wrestle, and laugh, they are great additions to the family.