Widgets… Not My Best Friends


What’s a widget you ask?  It sounds like something that Wonka makes in his chocolate factory, doesn’t it? Well it is not.  Not as far as I know anyway.

The widgets I do know are interface components used to help people navigate the webpages.  If you look to the right side of this blog you’ll see several of them.  Though you don’t really see the widget, you see what it does.

So one widget you see off to the right is titled RECENT POSTS.  The one below that is PAGES.   And so forth.  When managing the website I can drag and drop widgets where I want them, title them, and tell them what I want them to do.   I am not proficient at this, but I’m trying to learn.

               This is the Widgets page that I see when editing the blog.

Learning about our webpage

Up until today this blog only had widgets with text.  If you’ve visited the blog before you might have noticed that there is now a picture over there.  That picture is the cause of some exultation on my part, I’ll admit.

My purpose for it was that I wanted people to have a visual reminder that my kids Caitlin and Joshua are selling bread to raise money this summer.  I didn’t just want the post I wrote about it to disappear.  I wanted to find someway to add an image to the sidebar that would link people to the post and to the form to order bread.

Just about every blog I’ve ever been on has such images and links, so I assumed it wouldn’t be hard to do.   I assumed that because I’m an idiot.  It was hard.   The actual adding of the picture wasn’t hard, but finding out how to do it was!

HTML and I aren’t the best of friends either.

I considered using several profanity laced sentences to define what a widget is, but I refrained.  The reason for my feelings though was that I couldn’t make it work.

A simple Google search of “How to add a linked picture to my wordpress sidebar” turned up multiple articles trying to teach me.  I selected the first one on the list and started to read.  They claimed the process was easy and gave step by step instructions.  Which I followed. To no avail.

They wanted me to upload the picture I wanted to use, edit the pic to add a link, then select the HTML coding and paste it into a text widget.  I did that and got a big blank space where my picture and link were supposed to be.   So I watched the attached video to see what I did wrong.  I again followed along as they now showed me the process.   I paused the video and took my time and got…. a big blank space where my picture was supposed to be.

So I went back to my Google search and chose a different article.  It listed the same steps and told me again how easy it was to do.

Third article?  Same story.  By this time I’m getting mad though.  At myself!  How could these 2 minute videos do it so easily and then I get nothing?


Well, article number 4 didn’t have a video.  But it had something better.   After explaining the HTML process to me again (which I tried again and didn’t work!) it continued the article by saying “if you don’t want to use the HTML option you can always install the Image Widget plugin which will make this process easier.

I read that twice and thought, “Why the H*** didn’t the other sites tell me this?!?”  When I was done using my “army words” under my breath, it took me about 20 seconds to find and install the plugin, about 30 seconds to copy the picture URL and link the website into the new widget, and maybe 20 seconds of review to make sure I had it done right before I clicked “Save”

Refresh the webpage and VOILA’ I now have a linked image on the sidebar of the blog.  It took about 1 minute of time to make it happen.  It took about 4 hours to figure out HOW to make it happen.  Now that I’ve succeeded I’m feeling a bit of exultation at having accomplished the task.

I so wish I knew why the HTML method didn’t work.  Honestly, sometimes being a idiot is painful and time consuming.  I highly recommend against it.

Jax with Widgets

Running Log 5/18/17

Running Log 5/18/17

Location: PG Rec Center

Task: Run 7 laps (just over 1 mile)

We took it really easy today due to the run on Monday at the elementary school.  Everyone finished in under 10 minutes.  Even Andrew ran today, though I think he might have only done 6 laps.

Kristie pushed herself the hardest and almost kept up with Josh who was taking it much easier.  Everyone has a different level of soreness from the race, so this wasn’t timed, just a task to complete to get them out moving.

JR was asleep in his car seat, and I needed to watch him, so I couldn’t walk any laps at all. I paced back and forth near the bench area we start at, but only about 4 minutes of that (maybe 150 feet total?) left me hobbling.  I didn’t have my cane, so I limped my way to the car when everyone finished.


Raising Some Dough!

Earning Summer Cash

Not wanting to mooch off of Mom and Dad, Caitlin and Joshua are trying to raise money.  They have summer activities they need to pay for and items lost in the fire they want to replace.   They are already in the hole (to Jax and me) for swimming lessons and summer passes to the pool.  Their chosen method to raise money is to sell bread products – loaves, rolls, etc.  You might say they are “raising some dough.”

This isn’t new to them.  They’ve both been making bread for a long time.  We’ve made our own bread at our house for years now, and they both learned to do it.  So you won’t be getting experimental bread, you’ll be getting our tried and true recipe for fantastic fresh bread.

Joshua's rolls
They look good, don’t they?


They would like to find a few regular customers, people who they can provide bread to on a regular basis on certain days of the week (Mr Jones every Monday; Mrs Smith on Tues. and Fri. for example).   It’s available any day of the week except Sunday.   It would be best if they didn’t have more than 4 loaves of bread or 4 dozen rolls on any one day.

One time orders are welcome as well!  They won’t turn anyone away.

For special occasions they would do more 4 per day.  For example, if you have a family reunion this summer and would like 12 dozen rolls, that would be fine with some advance notice.   These would be great for occasions like Memorial Day BBQ, Birthday parties, Thanksgiving dinner, family Christmas Party.

All bread is white bread for now.  As soon as we can get our wheat grinder from Missouri we will be able to offer wheat bread too.


One loaf of bread: $5

One dozen rolls: $5

Half dozen rolls: $3

Half dozen cinnamon rolls: $5

2-4 Bread Bowls (for soup): $5  … number depends on the size you want the bowl.

Bread Bowls
Either 2 Large Bowls or 4 small bowls for $5

Special pricing available for larger orders.  If you want a specialty bread, like Italian bread, then make a request and they may be willing to fill it.


Neither of these two can drive, so we’re anticipating customers to be local (in the PG area).  We will deliver to you in that area.  If you live outside of PG and want bread (rolls for lunch, or cinnamon rolls for the office maybe), then we will have to make arrangements for pickup (we could meet you near a freeway entrance for instance).

Morning delivery will be most likely.  They will wake up, make the dough, and deliver the breads when they are done baking.  You could have fresh, hot bread in the mornings for breakfast!

Would you like the smell of fresh bread in the morning?

For large special orders we can make arrangements for delivery to other locations.   Again, just give us enough advance notice and we’ll make sure the kids take good care of you.

Order Your Dough Now!

So if you would like a weekly delivery of specially made fresh bread, then order now!  We’ll take orders for up to 4 loaves, or 4 dozen rolls, per day.   You can order by filling out the form below, private message on Facebook, or give us a call at 870-291-1520.  Be sure to tell us which day you’d like regular deliveries on!

Satisfaction guaranteed.  They are kids.  They’ve been known to occasionally forget to add things like salt, or sugar.  So if you get a bad batch then it will be replaced for free.

Payment expected upon delivery.  Cash is preferred.

If you haven’t tasted our manna from heaven before, than a free sample will be provided upon request.




Creating a YouTube Channel

Believe it or not, creating a YouTube channel is free and easy.

But, Why YouTube?

As it also turns out, I can’t upload video that is any larger than 64Mb directly to this blog.   That is only about 4 minutes of video.  I had promised video of the Central Elementary mini-marathon race and spent about an hour editing the video I took trying to make it small enough upload.  I just couldn’t get the file small enough… and so

Enter YouTube.

I should be able to upload a video of any size to YouTube and then embed it into the blog.   That is the hope anyway.  I think it should work.  Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.   I won’t know for sure until this video is uploaded… and it is taking long enough for me to write this entire post.  :/

How do you find the Jensen Journey Channel?

Easy…  Here is the link for you to follow (I hope it works, please let me know if it doesn’t).  Or you could just go to YouTube and do a channel search for “Jensen Journey” (I have no idea if that will work).  If you have an account you can subscribe and follow us and there will be a permanent link on your homepage.

Am I getting a little ostentatious with our own channel?  Yes!  Does that bother me? No!  Should I care more about that? Probably.   But hey, I have mental problems, so you really shouldn’t criticize me 🙂

So we hope that you will soon find yourself enjoying more videos on this blog.  Getting people to visit that channel isn’t the goal here.  Our goal was just to find a way to post longer videos of our adventures here on the blog.   Hopefully it will work the way I want it to.  Any other advice about this is welcome.