A Very Angry Running Log

As documented, I’ve been keeping track of the running exercises that the family has been doing.  Everybody is doing fantastic and getting better.  They all especially enjoyed the “mini-marathon” that the Central Elementary put on as a fund raiser.

This is were I start getting angry!

We were hoping to also let them run in the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days 5K this summer.  Julie did some checking into the registration and we will no longer be participating.   Apparently the ba***rds involved think that it costs them $20 per participant to run along their city streets!?!

How the hell am I supposed to be able to afford $100 to let five family members run?  $100 to use your public streets for 45 minutes?!? What are those costs covering??   Running requires no actual costs in equipment, nor any specialized skills.  There are no hard costs involved since your roads being used are already paid for through the taxes you take.  Can any reason justify $20 PER PERSON to participate in an event with no inherent costs?

Old Running Shoes

Almost every city runs some kind of ‘town days’ event in order to bring out their citizens and provide them with some activities to enjoy together.  Strawberry Days is one of those events, and is one of the longest running ‘town days’ in Utah.  It is meant for community involvement! It isn’t a business endeavor or private event.   Yet I’ve seen private for-profit running events, at much nicer venues, that cost less!

We know there are many events that are costly to put on that we can’t take advantage of.  But running?  We should be able to afford that!!  Are you intentionally trying to keep the poorer members of the community out?  You have priced out any struggling members of this community!  Or is this also a fundraising event instead of one intended to increase community involvement?

‘Running’ a Scam!

So I’m a bit angry.  The historical purpose for these town days events has apparently been abandoned.  It is no longer about bringing people together in mutual activity.  Or at least those activities are only made available to those with better financial fortunes than the Jensens have.

I know this is a minor ‘first-world-problem’ thing, and that many people with financial problems have it much worse than I do.  But I’m mad on their behalf too.  How many people would like to participate in this type of should-be-affordable community event, but can’t because the “community” has priced them out of it?  There are so few entertainments that poor people get to do or participate in.   Running should be within their financial reach!

Maybe I need to retake an anger management course, but I can’t tell you how utterly ridiculous I find this pricing.  I’ve fluctuated between smolderingly mad and blinding rage.

Your streets are not that great PG, it is not some great prestigious event to run on them.  No fame comes to the winner and no glory is bestowed by the heavens.  How about next year you keep your community events at a price point that doesn’t cut out your community?

Deep breaths Jax, keep taking deep breaths and relax.


5 Replies to “A Very Angry Running Log”

  1. Usually they say it is to cover shirts and to have the roads blocked off and blah blah blah, for advertising, stupid medals so people feel they have accomplished something . I understand when it is for a cause, like raise money for cancer or autisum and such.
    It’s not like the Boston Marathon or something major like that….can you say, can’t we just run along ‘we don’t want your stinkin’ medal or shirt’?

    1. I thought of those… but then their swag is WAY too expensive. And their is no hard costs for the roads. They PD is already on payroll, so that shouldn’t be $$$ extra, if so then use volunteers. I told Julie that we might just take the kids and run it anyway.

  2. I don’t know how they can keep track of people who are running that aren’t in the group. You just won’t be able to participate in the ‘swag’. I seriously understand when they are raising money for a cause, otherwise, I am with you…where is that money going?

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