I was given a new dog, Bella.

She is a Blue Heeler/Pit Bull mix.   She is a LOT more energetic than Iris was. Where Iris was more like furniture that breaths and snores, Bella is up moving around, wanting to play, and paying attention to things going on around her.   Exploration and games keep her moving a lot more.

Service Dog?

I didn’t get Bella from CWAC, but from someone else.   So she hasn’t had any service dog training.   Working with CWAC though I could train her as my service dog.  That is the thought anyway.  I could always just keep her as a family pet if I wanted and keep looking for another service dog.  I’m going to have to see what the CWAC people recommend.  I’d like to train her.

She is already quite well behaved.  She goes on the leash really well, she is house trained, and she is just fine with all my kids.   Before I take her in public though she’ll have to pass a number of tests.

Because she didn’t come with a kennel like Iris did, she has just been loose in our bedroom as we slept.  Iris was as well and always slept on the floor next to my side of the bed.   Bella however is used to sharing the bed, so … now I have a spouse issue.   Julie isn’t a fan of this arrangement.  She isn’t up on our faces, but instead sleep ON my feet.  Technically she is just as far from Julie as Iris usually was, but just the concept of having a dog sleeping on the bed isn’t exactly pleasing to Julie.   She loves me though, so we’ve done two nights like this.


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    1. Yes, and Pit Bulls are great protectors and babysitters. I’m really hopeful that she’ll be a great find.

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