Going Slowly

I wish I could say that you haven’t seen any new posts because we’ve just been so darn busy that I haven’t had time.  That isn’t the case though.  Mostly it is because I’ve been feeling so poorly that we’ve barely accomplished anything.

What we HAVE done

As per her norm, Julie (aka Superwoman) has kept going though.  She wired up all the outlets and light switches (with a little occasional guidance) and is ready to install ceiling fans and such.

When that is done we’ll move onto getting the backer board down on the floor.  As soon as we can get that down we’ll be able to move the boys into that space.  The backer board needs to be down first though to keep the kids (and their clothes/toys/bedding/etc) up and out of the sheetrock dust on the floor.

Also, as a HUGE plus, the motorhome was moved out of the driveway and we finally have full use of that space now.