Obligatory School Photos

Summit Academy School Photos

As an apparent obligatory event, here are the school photos of the kids on their first day back this year.  They are all attending Summit Academy schools this year.

Caitlin on her way to 10th grade at SAHS
Joshua is going into 7th grade in Independence, Bluffdale
Kristie is going into 6th grade at the Bluffdale campus.
Charlee is going into 4th grade.
Nikki is going into 2nd grade.

Andrew will be starting Kindergarten next week, but you don’t get a photo of him since his first day hasn’t come yet.   These kids were all super excited to get started with a new year, new school, and new friends.

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  1. No problems what so ever. It’s easier to do this than have them wake up wondering what to wear that day!

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