“I’m Going On An Adventure!”

Most people I know have seen the movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.   I smile ear to ear watching Bilbo Baggins run from his hobbit hole, coat tails flapping behind him, and a look of exuberance on his face as he runs to catch up to his dwarf companions.  A bystander asks him where he is going, to which he joyfully replies, “I’m going on an adventure!” as he gallops headfirst into the unknown.

That scene encapsulates what we’re going through now.  The Jensen family is contemplating ‘going on an adventure’ of our own.  Because of our current homelessness we’ve been discussing all sorts of potential housing options.  Most of these include the ordinary home with bedrooms, bathrooms, and a yard.  Others don’t.  The one that is striking us with the most electric-like excitement right now is living on a boat.

None of us are seafarers.  None of us have ever sailed before.   I’m pretty sure we’re all susceptible to seasickness.  So maybe we’re enjoyably “suffering” from delusions of grandeur, but we’re seriously thinking of this; of finding a boat/ship large enough for a family of 10 and spending a year or more living on it, sailing/motoring around the seas, and experiencing new things that this big beautiful world has to offer.

Would we like it to happen?  Absolutely!  Will it happen?  No idea!

We may do our research, look at our resources, listen to advice, and then land back on our 120 acre farm in Missouri.  Or maybe someplace else.   But we thought it would be nice for family, friends, and others, if we were to document what we are doing and learning, share with you our obstacles and decision making, and (if this dream is realized) give you a way to track where we are and what adventures we are on.

But whether we end up on a boat or not, the journey to learn what we would need to learn and decide what needs deciding WILL be an adventure.

And we invite you to come along with us!