Running Log 6/12/17

Running Log 6/12/17

Location: PG Rec Center

Participants: Family minus Josh (Scout Camp) plus cousins Jake and Caly

Task: Caterpillars for 25 minutes.

Gold Star for the day undoubtedly goes to Andrew.  He needed some encouragement but he ran the entire thing.  He has never gone that far or that long non-stop before.  I was very impressed with him.  It was good to not see him quit, which is normally the problem.  He gives up on hard things, but not today!

Every else did just fine.  It was a nice slow pace so they didn’t quite run 2 miles.  They all ran well and I didn’t hear any complaining.

This is the first time we’ve done Caterpillars without a baton to pass back.  Instead, that last person would simply wait until they saw the person ahead of them finish their sprint, and then they would sprint to the front themselves.  This adds more sprinting by eliminating the time for the baton to be passed back.  They all handled it quite well.  The added runner helped mitigate the extra running.

Overall a very good run.  This is the first running log in a few weeks because we’ve been doing other things, so it was good to get back “on track.”  I was able to walk almost a full lap with JR at a VERY slow pace.  The time spent standing though took its toll and I was in quite a bit of pain at the end.  Lifting Steven to get a drink near the end was excruciating.

I have video for you today… Enjoy!

UPDATE: new video without the music that got blocked!