Running Log: Cross Country 9/7/2017


Location: Bluffdale City Park

Participants: NorthStar Academy, Summit Academy, Ascent Academy, Eagles

Course: 2 laps around the mostly flat city park.


Both Joshua and Kristie participated in another Cross Country meet.  Josh continues to suffer from Osgood-Schlatter disease in his knee.  Because this course was 2 laps of a city park I was able to position myself near the 1 mile point and give them their times as they came by.

My perception was that Josh was far worse in positioning than last week due to the knee pain.

Kristie appeared to fair much better on the flat ground than she did in the rocky hills at Providence Hall.

This post is late in coming because the school never sent out official results.  I was waiting for them to come before I posted, but am now posting it without them.  If I can round them up later I will update.


Joshua finished 17th with a time of 14:37

Kristie finished 10th with a time of 16:26