“Snakes and My Birthday”

Thanksgiving Program

Today Andrew had a Thanksgiving program at Kindergarten that parents were invited to attend.  They sang a few cute songs and went through the alphabet with each kid naming something related to Thanksgiving; for example Andrew’s part was saying “N is for November”.

After the alphabet was complete they went down the row again asking each kids to name something they were thankful for.  First kid says, “My Mom.”  Next kid does the same “Thankful for my Mom and Dad.”  Each kid says the same thing… until they get to Andrew.

What is Andrew thankful for?  “Snakes and my birthday,” he says with a great big smile.

What the What?

I at least I know his birthday is coming up and he’s excited about that.

But never in my life have I know Andrew to like snakes.   Never seen him hold one, heard him talk about one, or desire to own one.   As far as I know he doesn’t dislike them either, nor have a fear of them.   To my knowledge he is fairly ambivalent toward snakes.

So I have no explanation why he broke from the ranks of the “Mom and Dad” crowd to add his grateful for the legless reptiles.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the kid isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd; to not follow along like a sheep.

But snakes?  What the what??

My son, the snake lover!