Turning Pigeons Into Dust

Before you call PETA about cruelty issues, I’m talking about shooting clay pigeons!

What a Way to Bond!

As a social activity our Elder’s Quorum got together on Saturday and went out for some gun time.   A friend of one of our members owns a rock quarry on the west side of Utah Lake that served as the perfect venue.   So about a dozen of us gathered together with firearms in tow, ready to shoot!

Sorry that video is so long and boring.  I was caught between wanting to keep it short, but not wanting to cut anyone’s ‘moment’ out.  So it dragged on much longer than I anticipated… sorry.

Shooting other guns too…

We had lots of options to shoot with, not just shotguns.  There was a wide variety of AR’s, AK’s, pistols, etc.   Because everyone kind of broke off to shoot their weapon of choice I didn’t get much video of that going on.  I did get this gem of Joshua though…

I feel like everyone had a fantastic time, and came home whole.  So I’d call it a successful day!  Let’s do it again soon guys.